Pimp My Pectorale

The reliefs of the Porta Stabia and the Thermal Museum of Rome show a clear front and rear view of the pectorale of the Prvocator. In the Temple of Augustus in Pula, on the base of a statue, there is the griffin, symbol of Nemesis and motif animal of our Pullus. Nemesis is the goddess of luck, revenge and of course gladiators.

fig 1 Porta Stabia relief

fig 2 relief thermal museum of rome


fig 3 relief griffin san lorenzo

After the research, the blacksmith of the Croatian gladiators Luca agreed to put his art also into our service. He got this fancy measurement.

fig 4 measurements
The pectorale is made of 1,3mm steel. Here is a clear deviation from the original – for reasons of care and durability. It is fastened with crossed leather straps in a metal guide on the back as seen in the porta stabia relief.

fig 5 pectorale front

fig 6 pectorale back 1

fig 7 pectorale straps

We have used a width of 270mm and a height of 250mm according to the measurement ratio of the used reliefs.

fig 8 buckle front

fiug 9 buckle back

I hoped to inaugurate the Pectorale at the Gladaitorensymbosium 2020 but after Covid-19 we wait for 2021.

fig 10 Pullus with his new pride.


Pullus Provocator