convertible helmet – Murmillo/Thraex

And on we go with the bragging about our great new helmets:

Who still remembers our last article, knows that we ordered several helmets from Fabri Armorum. Here we show you the second one. Its a clear pomeii type murmillo/ thraex helmet. Working title „murks“.




fig 1 murmillo helmets




fig 2 thraex helmets

Since all our gladiators practice their beloved sport as a hobby, it happens quite often that more than one fitting, i.e. gladiator class, is tried out. In addition, each armature brings its own equipment, so this time we have come up with a little trick. The basic form is a helmet for the Murmillo, but a griffin head can be attached, which turns the helmet into a decent Thraex helmet.

The helmet was again based on a find from Pompeii, which was last exhibited in the New Zealand National Museum. Again the level of decoration was reduced compared to the original and steel was used instead of bronze to meet modern safety requirements.








fig 3 finding

For the protomes, i.e. the decoration in the shape of the griffin’s head, we have used the Vimose griffin from the Danish National Museum as a model (see fig 3). Our group depicts gladiators from the 1st-2nd century A.D. and it fits perfectly into this period.








fig 4 vimose griffin

Our gladiator Ursus already wore a Pompeii helmet in the past, so the number of helmet types used in the ludus does not change. But for Pumillus many new mating possibilities open up. As a provocator-murmillo-thraex he can nearly fight all main gladiator classes except Essedarius, Secutor and scissor.








fig 5 new helmet without protome








fig 6 new helmet with protome attached

According to our helmet overview it is easy to see that we now use two of four historical helmet variants for the Murmillo.

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