Burdur-Provocator helmet

Even though all our gladiators are aware that our helmets are ultimately consumables, we where a bit surprised when Pullus had to have his first hole forged out of his 2mm steel helmet. In spite of all care it was now time for a new helmet at his place.
At almost all vendors and gladiator groups you can see the early form with the distinctive „insect eyes“, but in ancient times there were at least two different designs for provocator helmets. (see fig 1)






fig 1 provocator helmet types

That’s why we experimented a little this time and tried to reconstruct the later helmet shape together with the team from Fabri Armorum. Sources for this were, among others, a tombstone from Ephesus and the Burdur relief. Both show a further development of the classic Provocator helmet, based on the Weisenau and Niederbieber helmets of the Roman legion. The brim, which is lowered to below the neck, introduces elements of the Tralles type.







fig 2 reproduction

The larger field of vision compared to the eye holes of the classic Provocator helmet, the resulting better air supply and improved stability should, in our opinion, further enhance the Provocator and enable longer fights. The field tests showed usthat these advantages are paid with a slight disadvantage due to the shortened brim thte shoulders need to be defended with shield and sword (see fig 3).






fig 3 helmet comparison fight

In the following diagram from our helmet overview we have depicted the gladiatoric helmet development. The helmet fits directly into the Italo-Celtic design line. We do not know a scientific name for this type of helmet yet, but „Burdur-Provocator“ was sufficient for us for the time being.

helmet overview






fig 4 helmet devellopment

A thesis worth some investigation is, if the helmet devolopment culminates in the tralles/ burdur types or if there are two complete different devolopments.

Your Berlin Gladiators (Pullus)